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  • Massage Ubud | Get Pampered and Relaxed with Balinese Massage

    After a tough day at work, a lot of people would wish they could get a massage for free. Well, a massage doesn’t come for free these days (except if your partner or spouse does it for you). While massage can be very soothing and pampering, a couple of recent studies have also noted that […]

  • Massage Ubud | Perks In Bali – Balinese Massage Ubud, Surfing And More

    The island of Bali in the Indonesian archipelago is recognized the world over for its amazing traditional Balinese massage. Known for its tremendous health benefits, this type of soothing massage soothes not only tired and stressed bodies but also the minds and souls. When visiting Indonesia, make it a point to include in your itinerary […]

  • Massage Ubud as A Place of Healing: 5 Conditions Massage Can Help Relieve

    Massage, the manipulation of the different layers of muscle and connective tissue, is sometimes seen as a luxury that people indulge in from time to time. Other times, it can be seen as an alternative and complementary method of healing, with at least 80 recognized modalities. Regardless of method, scheduling massages regularly affords the client […]