The Best Bali Spas: Providing All Your Favorite Massages

Best Bali Spas

A massage is a very rewarding experience. Bali spas can provide you with the relaxation that you would need for another stressful day at work. Besides the usual comfort, it also has many benefits. It enables your brain to release endorphins- the happy hormone of the body. Also, it helps blood circulation which improves your immune system.

Massage Ubud

What is a Massage?

A massage is a way of relaxation by rubbing and applying pressure on outer muscles to manipulate inner muscles to promote function and well being. You can administer a massage by using your hands, a mechanical aid applying tension, pressure and motion to the outer body. A Bali spa massage usually utilizes natural oils, lotions and other organic constituents creams.

What are the common massage techniques in Bali Spas?

There is a wide array of techniques that many masseuse use in their craft. Listed below are some of the most common massage techniques that you can find in every Bali spa.

  • Swedish massage. This type of massage uses gentle strokes, kneading – applying pressure by using your wrists, and circular motions to work your inner layers of muscles.
  • Aromatherapy massage. This kind of therapy involves the addition of natural oils that are usually fragrant depending on what you need for your body. A specific fragrance is designed to rid of stress, for relaxation, energizing the body, etc.
  • Hot stone massage. A smooth and kindle stone is placed on certain points of the body to loosen muscles and balance energy in your body. A masseuse can also apply minimal pressure on each stones depending on what their client needs.
  • Deep tissue massage. Guessing from its description, a deep tissue massage aims for inner muscles. This massage is good for people that are experiencing muscle strains, postural problems and muscular injuries.
  • Shiatsu. A contribution from the Japanese, a shiatsu utilizes rhythmic finger-point pressure targeting energy points in your body. It helps regain balance by holding the pressure point for 3 to 8 seconds.
  • Thai massage. Like shiatsu, Thai massage uses acupuncture points in the body to free trapped energy. Depending on the degree of the therapy, the session may have usual stroking to stretches and compressions.
  • Pregnancy massage. Specially made for expecting mothers, pregnancy massage reduces stress, anxiety and depression which is common for pregnant women.
  • Reflexology. Sometimes referred to as foot massage, reflexology involves applying pressure on a certain point on your foot that correspond to each organ in the body. This massage is perfect for people that stand all day or people who constantly using their foot.
  • Sports massage. This kind of massage is for people that are in constant physical work outs. This workout is not only for athletes but for people that have strenuous workouts.
  • Back massage. If you are needing a quick trip to a therapists, then this massage is good for you. All you need is 30 to 40 minutes and you will instantly feel relaxed.

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