Massage Therapy for Pain and Stress Relief

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for effective and natural solutions to supplement pain management. Studies have shown that massage can trigger endorphin release that raises pain threshold.There are so many reasons why pain is triggered. Regardless, various synthetic analgesics are always available to eliminate pain. But it’s not all the time that these drugs are safe. Those who are aware of the possible side effects would usually opt for the natural approaches.

Massage has many benefits and one of the main reasons is its ability to help you alleviate. Ubud spa treatments are an ideal way to release stress, relieve muscle tension and most importantly, attain total relaxation.

There are a few different ways on how massage relieves pain:

It increases the blood flow of joints and muscles. Massage helps the brain to release its natural pain killers and helps to speed up the flow of oxytocin, the hormone that relaxes muscles and promotes the feeling of calmness.

It alleviates anxiety and mood swings. This is beneficial to individuals who are always stressed out.

As it promotes relaxation, how a person thinks is improved as well. Massage helps an individual to think properly and have more focus.

At Massage Ubud, our professional masseuse will work with you to give you a wellness plan that can help you address your specific pain. Nevertheless, you have to seek advice from a licensed physician if you are suffering from conditions like deep vein thrombosis, skin infections, burns, eczema, open wounds, broken bones or other signs that may trigger a negative repercussion after the massage therapy.

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