Massage Ubud | Get Pampered and Relaxed with Balinese Massage

After a tough day at work, a lot of people would wish they could get a massage for free. Well, a massage doesn’t come for free these days (except if your partner or spouse does it for you).

Massage UbudWhile massage can be very soothing and pampering, a couple of recent studies have also noted that it offers palpable health benefits. Here’s a quick overview of the healing properties of one popular Asian massage variant, the Balinese massage.

Balinese as in Bali

For those who’ve never been to Asia (much less Southeast Asia) and are wondering just where Bali is, here’s a helpful hint. Bali is one of the several islands that make up Indonesia, and it’s the country’s most popular tourist destination.

Bali offers more than just sand, sun, sea and other cultural or historical attractions. In fact, you can get a truly soothing and therapeutic Balinese massage Ubud in this lovely island.

Secrets of Balinese Massage Revealed

According to health and wellness experts, Balinese massage is a unique, blend of acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy oils, stroking andMassage Ubud kneading. The technique enhances the flow of blood, oxygen and “Qi”, or energy, in the person’s body.

The underlying idea behind the massage technique is that it helps maintain the “Qi” or life force. This keeps the delicate balance between wellness and sickness. If you’re visiting this lovely destination, and you’re thinking some things to do in Bali, do consider Balinese massage.

How Is It Done?

The Balinese massage can be done on a standard massage table or on a floor mat. Since scent is an integral element, a variety of essential aromatherapy oils are used. Among the most common oils used by local ubud resort and spa massage experts in Bali includes sandalwood, jasmine, rose and coconut oil infused with ginger, clove or lemon grass.

Pre-Massage Procedure

Before the massage starts, the therapist will ask if you’re suffering from any type of illnesses like hypertension or heart problems. You will also be asked if you’ve once undergone surgery or experienced pregnancy. This helps the therapist determine the kind of aromatherapy oil or massage for you.

Massage UbudThe Amazing Health Benefits

According to many health and wellness experts, there are a number of perks of a Balinese massage. The method has been noted to provide relief for migraine, depression, muscle pain, respiratory problems, headache, asthma and sleep disorders.

This massage is also known to provide a soothing and serene feeling as it can improve the person’s state of mind and being. So if you’re in the island for a holiday, and you’re asking where the best place to stay in Bali is, Ubud is truly a great choice.

Many studies have noted that massage Ubud enhances the immune system, especially among women with breast cancer. It can also suppress episodes of asthma.

Balinese massage has been known to improve grip strength in patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. While the best places to stay in Bali may be found in Ubud, perhaps the spa in your town or city will have a good idea on how to do Balinese massage, just like the locals in the “Island of the Gods”.

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