1 hr – Rp. 150.000.
1.5 hrs – Rp. 210.000
2 hrs – Rp. 280.000.

Extra surcharge will be charged if outside the UBUD area for travel.

Our pricing depends on how long you want a session to be. We have flexible fees that are available for you depending on your needs. We have sessions that can last from an hour or more. To achieve utmost relaxation, we highly suggest to book an hour and thirty minutes to properly release those muscle tension and stress.

Our minimum time frame starts at 1 Hour. We highly suggest a session that runs for 1.5 hours so as to really get into your muscles and tendons to improve your bodies flexibility and circulation.

A lot of our consistent clients go for the 2 hours to get the ultimate all over full traditional body massage leaving you exhilarated like never before.

Please contact us in the contact section to see what suits you.